We Really Did Move-Again!

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It’s true!  We really did move!

Thank goodness the dust has finally settled and everyone and everything has a place.  (Well, sort of.)

You’re probably wondering why a company, any company, would move more than once in a year, right?  Well, we have one simple answer to your question… you, our customer, deserves the best our industry has to offer!  And to make that happen, we needed more space to produce, warehouse and ship all the new and best products you have told us you want!

Growing a business is challenging and ever changing.  What was good for last year often becomes obsolete today. Production cycles that once lasted years have now been reduced to weeks.  And in some cases, even hours! Sometimes a “jet pack” seems more appropriate than ever before.

Being committed to your customer and potential customers requires a degree of “embracing change” and stepping beyond your comfort zone.  Realizing the value of being alert to industry changes and customer desires is a hallmark of a true entrepreneur and business leader!

This doesn’t mean you have to move your business every year.  You just have to be willing to do what’s necessary to make your business grow to new levels of success!  We realized we needed more space due to increased demand of certain services and products.  You bet there was a lot of initial push back to the idea of moving!  (The unknown can create some strange emotional episodes!)

We wondered if we would appear to be unorganized and going after any “shinning object” of the day.  However, in the end, we put everything to paper, held multiple meetings, consulted our experts and decided to go “full speed ahead”!

Most of you are in the same position of growing your business.  We know that having good partners in your growth makes all the difference in the world. We also know that when we have the ability to do our job in in the best conditions we ultimately can help you grow your business too!  The future is bright when we work together to achieve common results.

So whether it’s corporate identity materials, banners, trade show exhibits, wide format, digital flyers, marketing collateral, direct mail or just an ear to help you decide your next level of growth, give us a call and let’s get the “ball rolling”!

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