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This website was built by Website Tigers, a Las Vegas based marketing firm. Please contact them for more info on website design and SEO in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here is some more info on building a successful business website:


Keys to a Successful Website Design

Having a successful web design takes more than just good looks. Although visual design is important, the key factors determining the success of any website are the functionality and the utility of the pages. Each visitor to the site must be able to navigate through the pages without getting a headache. Additionally, the website must be designed in a way that appeals to the search engines. If the site is impossible for search engines to rank, the chances of new readers discovering it are slim.


Remember: Users Are Rarely Patient

People interact with websites because it allows them to find information or services instantly. The average first-time visitor is not going to be interested in filling out long forms before they can use the features of the site. They want instant gratification and an easy experience. If the site needs information and forms from the user first, they must be reasonable about it. Let the user experiment with the features of the site before asking them to fill anything out. By doing this, the user will see what the site is capable of and become eager to join.


Optimize the Website

A site could be an amazing fount of information, but this will not matter if no one can find it. Most sites use a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist to target search engine rankings. Using keywords, high-quality content, descriptions and keyword meta tags, the specialist will design a site that easily demonstrates its topic and relevancy to the search engines. Once this is done, the site will start to develop a ranking in the search results. Ideally, websites should set a goal of reaching the first three spots in the search engine rankings. If this is not possible, they should at least try to rank on the first page. Users are unlikely to flip through multiple pages, so the website will miss out on readers if they are not in the initial results.


Keep It Simple

Users look for a website to answer their questions, buy products or look for services. The main goal of the website should be to keep the design as simple as possible. Website navigation should be intuitive because the user’s primary goal is to find information. They do not want to waste time figuring out the site’s navigation or filling out forms to access data. Keep the user in mind and make the design as intuitive as possible.


Appearances Are Important

Although users want information and an intuitive navigation process, a gorgeous design never hurt. The design should be uncluttered and make an effective use of the white space. Visually stimulating images and professional layouts will make the website look its best. In brick-and-mortar stores, people judge the quality of the product and reliability of the company based on the way the store looks. With online storefronts and company sites, consumers make their decision based on the appearance of the site. If it looks like a throwback to Web 2.0, the consumer is less likely to take the website seriously.


Write the Best Content

For a user to keep returning to a website, they must get some type of value out of it. The website needs to have content that establishes the company as a leader in the industry. Text should be oriented around what the customer wants and how the site can provide for that desire. Offering extra product information, insider tips, tutorials, PDF guides or videos can add value for the customer and keep them engaged with the site.

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