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Banners are an affordable, portable and creative way to display a message or promote your business. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and versatile types of signs for businesses today, allowing for both interior and exterior use. The material is flexible, tear resistant, and waterproof.

Banners are an effective way to get your customer’s attention. It is important to design an effective banner with your company name and logo. Banner printing is found at professional printing companies, such as Design One Printing, where they can help you select the right banner for your company. You will need to use a tagline that gets attention and is easy to read. Banner stands are used at trade shows to capture visitor’s attention.

Las Vegas Banners – How to Design an Effective Banner

Consider the use of color when designing your banner. Ask your printer how long it will take to create your banner. You should start planning for a trade show several months in advance. Banners are also used at storefront locations to announce promotions or grand openings. The size of your banner is another important consideration. You should also be familiar with state regulations regarding the use of banners. Of course, if you are using a banner stand at a trade show, then the use of banners is customary.

Banner printing companies offer you high-quality products that communicates your marketing message most effectively. There are a wide variety of sizes of banners starting as little as a 12″x12″ and up to 10′ x 10′. The size you choose will depend upon where you plan to feature your banner. There are banners applicable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can choose full color printing options and customize the size.

Banner packages include printed banners and stands at good prices. These are perfect for mobile presentations where quick setup is important. Banner packages are best for retail promotions, trade shows or storefront displays. You can find online websites that let you design your own banner, but the quality of your banner may suffer. A professional printing company has experience with printing banners for a wide variety of companies.

You will need to choose the size, material and design of your banner with the help of your printing shop. Banners help your company get noticed faster in almost any setting. They are also available in vinyl, canvas and adhesive. Vinyl banners are an excellent choice if you need outdoor signage. Adhesive banners work well for temporary window signage with both gloss and matte finish options.

Canvas banners are perfect for outdoor use, because they are printed on material that minimizes the effects of the wind. Banners are the best marketing vehicle to display your company at conferences, seminars, busy streets and more. Custom printing options are available at most professional printing companies. Contact several companies and ask about costs and turnaround time. Plan your marketing events several months in advance to give you time to plan for success. Banners are large and effectively capture customer interest.

Choosing the Best Banner for Your Business

Whether it’s an upcoming trade show or starting a new business, banners are a great way to get your company noticed by plenty of people. However, trying to choose a banner printer in Las Vegas from the vast number of companies, can be challenging to say the least. Before choosing a banner printer, there are many factors to consider. For example, will the display be used indoors or outdoors, and will it be free-hanging or hung on a wall? While many people mistakenly believe all banners are the same, the truth is there are many different types of banners. When you’ve got plenty of questions and need answers, Design One Printing of Las Vegas can answer them and more.

Expert Advice

While you are an expert in your field, we are experts in printing. When you need a large or small banner for your business, you will naturally have questions about certain aspects of the process. One of the most frequent questions entails the substrate on which the banner will be printed. While it’s sometimes assumed all banners are printed the same way and on the same material, the fact is there are more than 100 different substrates on which they can be printed. Needless to say, that can make the decision-making process even more difficult. However, with our many years of experience, we can quickly determine which material and design will work best for you and your needs.

Designs and Colors

The more eye-catching your banner is, the more likely people will not only notice it and remember it, but also remember you and your business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your banner design looks as good as possible. Company colors, logos, and other designs can turn an ordinary banner into one that’s the talk of the trade show, and can result in prospect after prospect stopping by your booth to chat about your product or service.

Banner Usage

Before deciding on a banner, it’s best to know exactly how it will be used. Simple decisions such as indoor or outdoor usage can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right weight and material for the banner. Generally, the more a banner weighs, the greater its durability. Many banners can also be made seamless up to 16 feet tall, giving a very professional style to the banner’s appearance.

Local and Nationwide Solutions

Though located in Las Vegas, Design One Printing is able to meet the needs of companies nationwide. With our local and nationwide banner printing network, we can meet the needs of businesses big and small throughout the United States. We want your banner to be the best one at the upcoming trade show or the one that’s being talked about by everyone in your town, and to make that happen we listen to our customer’s needs before starting any job. Whatever your company name, brand, or image, we make sure the banner you choose is one that’s colorful, crisp, and will stand out from the crowd.

Let Us Help You

When you contact Design One, you can be guaranteed to get the best advice possible. With our many years of experience and desire to provide great customer service, we stand head and shoulders above many of our competitors. We offer free expert advice and quotes, allowing you the opportunity to work with our experts to design the perfect banner for your needs. Contact us today, and we can get to work designing a custom solution for you.

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