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Why use a plain envelope when a custom designed envelope can instantly capture your customer’s eye? Custom envelope printing from Design One Printing makes an excellent first impression on your potential customers. Custom envelopes should include your ‘memorable’ logo along with dynamic colors. This draws attention to the envelope in the pile of traditional mail.

Design One Printing offers a custom envelope printing with your personal logo and address at the upper left hand corner of the envelope. Ask us about our unique envelope styles!

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Custom envelopes have the ability to make a strong impression, no matter what line of business you’re in. A cohesive stationery package can make your brand stick in the minds of everybody who sees it. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your custom envelope printing and thus expand your business.

  • Customize your envelopes so they stand out:
    Use bold colored paper rather than plain white or try adding a special note along the front. Computer fonts that mimic handwriting are especially eye-catching.
  • Use a logo to effectively characterize both your business and individuality:
    Your logo should be very unique and depict your brand at a glance.
  • When you print addresses, make sure the font is large enough:
    Post offices generally use scanning equipment to efficiently sort the mail. Therefore, if the font on the envelope is too small, the device may have difficulty ‘reading’ the address. Make the font size at least an 8 point or higher and use a bigger label.
  • Keep it simple and clean looking:
    Professional-looking envelope printing is always simple in nature and free from too many fonts or different type effects, such as italics or bold.
  • If you’re offering something special inside, let your customers know:
    Adding a simple line like ‘Free Gift Enclosed’ or ‘Open for a Risk-Free Consultation’ to your custom envelope printing will entice potential customers to open your envelope first and separate it from other junk mail.
  • Personalize your mailing:
    Never address your mail to ‘Resident’, ‘Homeowner’, or ‘Postal Customer’. Using generic labels is the quickest way to get your envelope thrown in the trash. Personal names work much better.
  • Use special handling labels to make people quickly notice your envelope:
    You can buy or make your own ‘Handle With Care’ or ‘Fragile’ labels in order to draw the attention of your recipients to your envelope. ‘Requested Material Inside’ and ‘Photos Enclosed’ will push your envelope to the top of the mail pile.
  • Use a unique tracking system so you can tell which of your efforts are getting the most response:
    Try giving each of your mailings a special coupon code or mail them according to color. This will enable you to determine which ones are generating the most interest and which ones are not.
  • Target your primary mailing list:
    Only send mail to individuals who have previously used your services or purchased your products at least once and then offer them a special loyalty discount. Also, try offering a discount or special gift to people who made a purchase in the last six months in order to bring them back.
  • Add a noteworthy tag line to your business logo:
    This will help people understand what you do and what your business is all about. Repetition of your slogan will help customers make the link between your tag line and your logo whenever they see it.

Use these tips to make the most of your envelope printing efforts to enjoy greater success overall.

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